• What inspires you + how you create your art?

    Travel fuels me. Spontaneously embracing adventures placed in my path instantly ignites excitement and causes adrenaline to rush through me. With travel comes the unknown - the people, the conversations, the sites, the chances to learn something new. Travel, instantly, closes the gap between humans and highlights our innate connections. Connections that ultimately influence my work as an artist. 
  • Where have you lived and how did that impact your creative process?

    I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. After my senior year of high school, I knew I was ready for a change of scenery. I decided to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. There, I had the incredible opportunity to study studio art for 4 years. 

    Post college, I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to work on a guest ranch as a children's counselor. I led trail rides, met new people and hiked in the Rockies on my days off. After a while, I felt a need to continue on. I moved to Washington, D.C. to pour my energy into nonprofit work. While I learned an enormous amount and grew significantly, I felt my soul calling for a more creative journey. That yearning, ultimately landed me in Charleston, South Carolina where I spent two years. During my last month of living in Charleston, I was given the opportunity to spend a month living in Venice Beach, California painting and networking. I returned home to Greenville, South Carolina, determined to move out west, but quickly realized the power and significance of being surrounded by my family. I have been living and working in Greenville for the past year and a half.

    Each city and stop my life has taken me to, provided me with an incredible net of relationships that are constantly fueling my creative process.

  • What encourages you?

    I find encouragement for life, work & creativity through my spirituality. I am an avid yoga goer, meditator & star gazer. All of these things keep my head in the game.

    I also find encouragement from an absolutely incredible group of friends and family.
  • What are you most excited for going into this collaboration with Mac & Murphy?

    I am most excited about the relationships built with the team and potential projects that could come down the line!

  • What is your favorite food + where do you get it?

    My all time favorite meal is the humble bowl from Cafe Gratitude in Venice Beach, California. I could eat it every day and be the happiest little camper. 

  • What is your favorite color?

    I love a very true cobalt blue. I also love pale, dusty pinks with blue undertones. OH, I am on quite the kelly green kick as well. Red Orange. Bright Yellows. Olive Greens. Tangerines. Yellow Ochres. I LOVE color!

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