I’m a pretty lucky girl to get to do what I love everyday.

When did you love for writing begin?

As it does for many girls, my love for writing started early in life with the sacred lock and key diary. The girlier the better. I wanted diaries covered in glitter and fake flowers with spray painted unicorns on them. And I still do although now I will settle for a beautiful rose gold leather.

That love matured into “correspondence” when I moved from California to Virginia for college. My grandmother, “Big Mama”, was the dearest person in my life and we wrote back and forth every week for those years I was away. My Big Mama’s letters were basically tell all soap operas of what every member of my extended family was [ or wasn’t ] doing and I think she always expected those notes to be for my eyes only. When she passed I was able to look back at those letters and feel so close to her through those ridiculous stories and memories.

What led you to the decision to open mac & murphy?

Fast forward to 2007 when grandmother’s are now texting their children and grandchildren and it actually makes me angry to think that when we pass, we leave very little behind. Opening mac & murphy wasn’t a decision I made one day. It was a concept of preservation and spreading love that grew within me and all of a sudden found a way to become a brick & mortar reality.

How does family play a role in your business?

When we opened mac & murphy in 2008 I was seven months pregnant. A lot of people couldn't understand why I would plan to do two incredibly huge things like that at the same time but for me that’s just the way it had to be. Individually, the timing of both events was perfect in my life and I just knew I had to make a way for everything to fit together. I now have three daughters and while my plate is very [ very! ] full, I am so happy to have the family I always wanted right next to the business I always dreamed of. I am a firm believer that you can not have everything at once so I don’t want to act like that is the case. There are times when I have had to make my family the priority and times when I needed to make the business my priority. Lucky for me, Liz Mac and my husband are both amazing humans and if I didn’t have their loving support helping everything stay afloat, things may not look as pretty as they do.

What are you favorite things to do + eat in Charleston?

My favorite thing to do is go to the beach and my favorite thing to eat is tacos [ and margaritas ]!




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